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Combining personal strength and conditioning training with the elements of spiritual guidance and healing.  

Working within the 4 planes of existence: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.  

Our lives aren't just physical.  It's important to build our strength and power from a place of love.  

Whether weight loss, muscle gain, conditioning, strength, corrective, and the like, we can define clear goals and achieve them together.  

Derek has been certified to conduct past life regression sessions to bring healing, channeling the Angelic realm and spirit guides through Oracle card reading, and dowsing (pendulum).

Using meditation, crystals, and music to activate, cleanse, clear, and balance chakras.  

Choose your program from my various packages and unlock your complete potential and power.  



With 11 years of personal training experience through NASM, I have worked with thousands of people seeking to find proper care and guidance in the health, fitness, and spirit worlds. 

Derek is a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner by the QHHT Academy.  Having studied under Dolores Cannon's method, he takes clients into their past and future lives to uncover their life purpose themes and to clear any traumas that have carried over into this lifetime.  These sessions are known to bering miraculous and instantaneous healings.  

Published by Men's Journal, Queerty, ReFresh Magazine, and varying fitness blogs.  

Featured in Bravo's hit fitness T.V. show 'Workout', CBS News, Propel Fitness Co:Labs Festival, and Fab Fit Fun. 

Celebrity clients from shows such as MTV's Teen Wolf, Who's Line is it Anyway?, Grey's Anatomy, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, ABC's The Taste, Netflix's Godless, Radio Disney, and varying recording artists have all benefited from the training method I have implemented.   

Recently the Chief Fitness Officer at The Phoenix Effect in Los Angeles and currently personal training clients in Sunset Tower's Mansion Fitness in West Hollywood. NASM - CPT/CES/PES 

Certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique under Dolores Cannon's method, Angelic Healing, Oracle Card Reading, Dowsing, Crystal Healing, Japanese and Western Reiki, Chakra Cleansing/Clearing/Balancing, and Life Coaching. Master Personal Training in Central LA Spiritual/Life Coach in Hollywood



The journey in life is never alone.  When we choose to live a life from a place of love, we tend to find our past identities stripped away.  You are not alone.  You are never alone.  I will be here to guide you and connect you with your inner radiance and the support from your angels and guides.  


Personal Training Testimonials


Gianna - 5 Stars

As a fitness junkie, I've experienced many trainers and coaches ranging from big box gyms, specialized chain studios, and boutique fitness classes. Derek shows up as another level of trainer. I've had the pleasure of working with him for over three years focused on strength & conditioning. He is able to connect with his clients and motivate in a one of a kind way, taking the time to understand them both from a functional physical fitness level but also on a human and emotional level. This holistic approach allows him to transform his clients from the outside and inside to become stronger so that they can handle any challenge that life throws at them. Derek's extensive fitness education and experience enables him to provide thoughtful instruction, modifications, and customization for clients, but he also applies life coaching methods to produce new insight, spiritual transformation, and tremendous growth. Whenever I train with Derek, I know I will get 110% dedication and focus in an environment that lifts my spirits and amplifies my energy during and after our session. In addition to fitness training, I've worked with Derek closely on emotional and spiritual growth. His support, thoughtful insights, questions, and homework exercises were transformative for me to transform my thinking and breakthrough challenges in my life. Derek is an electric force and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to elevate their training and their life to the next level.


Tennyson J. - 5 Stars

I first met Derek in my first month of living in Los Angeles. I took one of his group fitness classes and his energy, attentive coaching, and thirst for life immediately drew me in! On a fitness level, he helped me break down movements I had been doing incorrectly for years and helped me grow much stronger (and safer). I've gained more muscle and seen a physical change while working with Derek than I ever had before. On a spiritual/mental/emotional level, he's helped me overcome personal blockers that were clouding my being. I never thought fitness was connected to spirituality, but Derek has helped me clear out negative energy and channel myself towards my positive goals. Who needs therapy when your trainer is an all in one package? Trust me. You'll feel Derek's genuine spirit from the moment you meet him and the results you desire will follow. 

Tennyson J.

Esther Hasenfeld - 5 Stars

Derek has inspired me through fitness to push past all limitations I have had, physically, mentally, and in all areas of my life! He is so motivating, devoted, professional, full of life, sincere, and super talented! It is incredibly refreshing to have such a well rounded caring giving real person in the fitness industry. I have been so lucky to learn from him! He truly is a gem! He is incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of health and fitness to optimize results! Every workout with Derek leaves me feeling energized and wanting more.

Esther Hasenfeld

Robert G. - Stars

Derek has been an amazing inspiration to me ever since I started taking personal training lessons with him. My form has greatly improved overall thanks to him and I am definitely seeing results! His workouts are very intense (but in a good way)! Derek really takes the time to work on your form so that way you are setting yourself up for success even when you go to the gym in your own. He’s very funny and makes working out a breeze. He also dedicates his entire attention to you while you’re working out. If you have questions about an exercise or need to do regressions he can work with you which is great because sometimes I know i can’t do certain movements.

Robert G.

Anonymous - 5 Stars

I have worked with several trainers in the past but Derek is the best. He took the time to explain all the exercises and what part of the body it works on. I had certain areas I was concerned about and he addressed them. It is a hard work out but I can already see results. I will continue to train with him as long as I can. LOVE DEREK!!!


Kiko - 5 Stars

I travel quite often and sometimes finding a trainer or a gym can be a challenge. I was recently in Los Angeles and someone had mentioned this site. There I met Derek Jameson, who got me through straight training. He not only understood my level of strength, he had great energy and made me want to keep pushing myself. If I lived out in LA, i would definitely train with him.


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