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Manifest the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual life you dream. 


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Your Light Body

Providing personal strength and conditioning training with the elements of life/soul coaching. 

Working within the 4 planes of existence: Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.  

Our lives aren't just physical, so it's important to build our strength and power from our core selves out.  

Whether you seek a fitness program, life/soul coaching services, or both, I can provide you with the tools you need to thrive.


I began training clients in 2007 with 24 hour Fitness and certified through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).  I have worked with thousands of people seeking to find proper care and guidance in the health, fitness, and spirit worlds. 

As a certified Law of Attraction Coach, I apply this, and many other Universal Laws, with my life/soul coaching program. I provide my clients with the skills on attracting everything they desire and teach them how to release resistance and blocks in all areas of their lives.  

I am a certified QHHT Practitioner by the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy. Having studied under Dolores Cannon's method, I take clients into their "past" lives to uncover their life purpose themes and to clear any traumas that have carried over into this lifetime.  These sessions are known to bring miraculous and instantaneous healings and just simply fun!   

Published by Men's Journal, Queerty, ReFresh Magazine, and varying fitness blogs.  

Featured in Bravo's hit fitness T.V. show 'Workout', CBS News, Propel Fitness Co:Labs Festival, Black Hollywood Live, and Fab Fit Fun. 

Celebrity clients from shows such as MTV's Teen Wolf, Who's Line is it Anyway?, Grey's Anatomy, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, ABC's The Taste, Netflix's Godless, Radio Disney, and varying recording artists have all benefited from the coaching methods I have implemented.   

Recently the Chief Fitness Officer at The Phoenix Effect in Los Angeles and currently personal training clients at Mansion Fitness in the famous 

Sunset Tower Hotel. 

California University of Penn. - Sports Management

De Anza College - A.A. General Education

Mission College - A.A. Anthropology
Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique 


Certified Life Coach

Transformation Academy -

Certified Law of Attraction Coach

Certified Angelic Healer 

Certified Chakra Healer

My Purpose

I became a personal trainer because I knew I had to help people.  Giving my power away to those who teased me while growing up was something I knew I could eventually take back and I could teach others that same ability.  I knew deep inside that if you have the idea of something inside you, then it already exists and you just have to REALIZE it.  

I suppose you could say that the Law of Attraction has always been a part of my being.  It's time to show others the power of it and how they too can live abundant lives.

I was connected with spirit at an early age, but like many, I shut it off out of fear.  I was afraid of not being NORMAL and afraid of what I could contact.  As we see now, FEAR is what keeps us from harnessing our true abilities.  These abilities we came to Earth to use.  

After surrendering many years later, I was welcomed by the Angelic energies and my very own spirit guides who have always been guiding me and waiting for me to simply ASK.  

Since then, I have been developing my relationship with these extraordinary beings of light to help the ascension of the planet and every human upon it. 

I wholeheartedly fell into my purpose and continue to help other uncover theirs.  Everyone and everything serves  

a purpose.  I intend to help those who are ready to step into theirs.  

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What is a Past Life Regression?  Find out here! 

This is my story and a taste of what you can expect from your session! 


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