My gift to you for the new year AND the new decade: I don’t subscribe to any organized religion and have no issue if you do if it works for you and doesn’t maintain that it is the ONLY way. I believe in energy. I believe in higher powers. I believe there are multi dimensions. I believe in failure so that you can try and try and try again. I believe in reincarnation. I believe in spiritual alchemy. I believe in meditation. I believe in spirit guides. I believe that love conquers all.
This past summer, I was losing sight of where my life was headed. For a few years, I had been following Derek Jameson on Facebook and Instagram and loved every one of his posts. So I decided to send him a message to have a few private sessions with him. And I am so happy that I did. I had six sessions with Derek and every one was incredible. The energy that surrounds Derek and his work automatically lifts your vibrations from the moment you walk into his space. Every word that comes out of his mouth is loaded with compassion, intelligence, and enlightenment. Derek never once stuttered or said, “what I meant to say...” because it all flows out of his mouth perfectly. He truly knows his shit. He is the embodiment of an aligned beautiful mind, incredible body, and gorgeous soul. My final session with Derek was of my past lives as he took me on a guided regression. It was incredibly powerful and healing. If you have the opportunity to meet with Derek, I could not recommend that you do enough. If you’re unable, then follow him on social media. All of his posts are saturated with pearls of wisdom. Have a stupendous 2020 and beyond, dear Facebookies.           - Michael

I went into this experience with an open mind and I’m so glad I did. What a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Derek is incredibly enthusiastic about the work he does and his energy is contagious. He takes the time to answer any questions and concerns. The experience itself was so grounding. Who knew that I had all of these answers floating around in my head (or subconscious) the whole time? I am now applying my experience to troubling situations in my life and it was the clarity I needed to get through what’s truly been an emotionally taxing year. I’ve already recommended this experience to anyone who will listen to me. - Patrick

I wanted to express my gratitude for the past life regression experience I had with Derek. I’ve known Derek for years but have recently gotten to know him better. When I found out the work he was doing, I was ecstatic. I knew of past life regressions but had never had one before. Disclaimer: I am a professional psychic, so I was naturally open-minded to this experience. Yet, since I have certain abilities, I didn’t know if I’d gather much from the experience. I was so impressed with Derek that I will be referring my friends to him often. He set aside 4 hours just to help me get answers I was looking for. He was patient as he collected my history and did not possess a hint of judgment. I thought it was going to be more difficult to open up because I consider him a colleague, but all of that went away when he began asking questions. I could tell I was in the care of an expert. His guidance through the process was effortless and allowed me to tap into past lives that I would never have imagined. I got to experience 5 lives (including my present one and its future!) He knew exactly when to ask questions and the precise questions to help me go deeper. As a clairvoyant, I am used to reading others, but not myself. This was such a gift because I felt like I could unbiasedly look at my soul’s journey for the first time. He knew exactly what to follow-up with and when I felt complete. The questions he prompted felt like windows opening to a clearer perspective of the lessons I have learned and the ways I had been punishing and holding myself back in this lifetime. The process as a whole allowed me to integrate my life’s lesson and purpose in short, simple statements. This is huge for someone who tends to complicate things! LOL. 

Thank you, Derek, for your gift of peace and intuition. I am better and clearer now than before, and I can’t wait to see how much more you help others and excel in the future. 

- Brandon K. 

As somebody who has known Derek on the Uber-pleasant periphery for years, the amount of ease and comfort he put me at to divulge back as far as I can remember was extraordinary. I don’t know that I’ve opened up to someone like that in a long time, even some of my closest friends. That’s a testament to his receptiveness and honest desire to heal, you can feel that. I’ve also run the gamut of participating in a few hypnosis sessions with other practitioners as well as self-hypnosis in the past and I’ve NEVER gone under into a hypnotic state faster. That is no lie. The process itself was beyond relaxing, and it felt like being guided as opposed to forced into a process. The information that came out of it was so detailed and so crazy to hear. I felt more relaxed than I had felt in a really long time for hours afterwards. There was definitely a lot of healing that took place, and even a couple weeks later it shows and i can feel it in my confidence, my level of self-acknowledgement and in how people perceive my energy. Beyond worth it, Derek is a master. Completely recommend to everyone, even if you’re skeptical...actually ESPECIALLY if you’re skeptical. It’s an experience you have to try to believe it. Magic. 


I didn’t know what to expect from my regression experience with Derek. It was nothing short of amazing. I like how he took time to sit and talk before hand because I was nervous about the whole experience. When it was happening I felt very comfortable, calm, and relaxed. I didn’t really remember anything except the beginning stages of it and when it was over 2 hours had passed. Upon hearing the recording I started to remember certain things but there were also things I had no clue of what I was talking about. It was so interesting and also relieving because it felt like a weight had been lifted. I started to research and write down certain things, instances, dates, etc which helped me to retain and understand things better and have still continued to look into as of now. I am definitely excited to do another session with him to see what more we can unearth. I would highly recommend this experience if you think you have unanswered questions from your past.  


When you are open to the unknown and trust that Derek will guide you to where you are meant to be, see, and do, you'll have a brilliant experience. Be completely in tune with your authentic self and be ready for some healing. 


I have trusted Derek’s guidance and multiple readings the past year. My recent past life regression helped me understand the magnitude of my awakening. The experience was full of vivid detail, made important connections that made sense to me, and keeps me hungry to continue to learn more. Derek is wonderous, professional, and trustworthy. I highly recommend any of his services to help you at any stage you are in. 

-Jason S.